“Classically trained guitarist Thomas Echols builds gently introspective, softly pulsating tracks with electronic loops and ukulele, offset by synthetic sounds with analog tones. The 16 tracks’ vast sonic montage drift through brief, ambient instrumentals into structured tunes, creating an expansive, if understated, aural journey.”

-from the Austin Monthly


“Meditative and fetching, Man, Woman, Friend, Computer delivers a breakup album and overarching concept: Thomas Echols’ electronic differentiation from his guitar projects. The Austin-based Echols has mostly cut his teeth on classical projects, such as Plainte Calme, his absorbing turn of Debussy and Messiaen. Here, he ventures into a complex amalgam of analog and synth. Wistful, romantic, 'Exordium' registers as an unhurried drive down a never-ending highway. Echols’ vocals sooth to surrender on 'Concession Speech' and 'You’re a Pistol.' Standout 'Nocturne' and its earlier interlude provide mid-tempo kinetics.”

-from the Austin Chronicle


“Inhabiting a sonic space that melds mind and machine, Thomas Echols’ evocatively titled project Man, Woman, Friend, Computer is an exploration of ambient textures and moods. Introspective and meandering, each tracks plays out as a living, breathing entity.”

-from anon magazine